14 June 2016
Ronald Koeman will continue his managerial career with Everton after two successful seasons with Southampton.
9 June 2016
Darron Gibson is hoping to re-establish himself as a first-team regular at Everton after signing a contract extension to 2018.
8 June 2016
"You only sing when you're... watching?!" Except you don't: we all hum our club's most memorable tunes at some point. Here's our celebration of the best...
7 June 2016
It’s been one step forward and another back for the Toffees in recent years. But Seb Stafford-Bloor says that could all be about to change...
6 June 2016
Gary Pallister wants new Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho to chase Everton's John Stones.
4 June 2016
We've picked out the players who scored the most opening goals in the 2015/16 Premier League season…
2 June 2016
Our infographic reveals the percentage of goals each top-flight side scored from inside the six-yard box and outside the penalty area last season...
2 June 2016
There's always a flurry of activity following an international competition. Blair Newman predicts who'll be on the move this summer...
2 June 2016
Michael Owen believes John Stones would "walk into the Barcelona team" and has urged England to be fearless at Euro 2016.
30 May 2016
They can't all fit on the plane, so we've given our advice for free. You're welcome, Roy...


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