Arsenal fans create new noise to express feelings for Wenger

There are no rumblings of discontent at Arsenal

Observers at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday reported that Arsenal supporters watching their side'™s 1-0 FA Cup defeat against Blackburn emitted an entirely new sound, described as a '˜disconcerting throaty mewling'™, in response to Arsene Wenger.

Wenger'™s 16-year reign at Arsenal has seen its fair share of ups and downs. But failure to deliver a trophy since 2005 has seen the French tactician'™s popularity wane. This has made Wenger, who was once idolised by all Gunners fans, increasingly fractious and birdlike in his relationships with supporters, players and the media.

During the latest defeat against Blackburn, the emotional strain finally told on Arsenal fans.

After a brief chant of: 'Oh, Wenger / we have immense and profound respect for you / both as a man and a manager / we praise your vision, integrity and dedication / even when other clubs have greater financial resources / but there'™s an unsettling sensation / that perhaps you've led us as far as you can take us / we question your decision-making / and a fresh start might be best' fizzled out, fans instinctively began to make a sound somewhere between a cheer and a boo, directed at Wenger.

"œIt was a thoroughly unsettling sound -“ a kind of throaty mewling," one neutral observer told FourFourTwo.

"œI guess it would best be described as the whistling of a young otter at play, crossed with a voiceless lateral fricative sound, similar to the ˜'ll'™ sound in Welsh."

Others have likened the sound to '˜an ageing rock star throwing up into a nearly boiled kettle'™.

"œIt was an ungodly noise and it seemed to take on a life of its own," our observer continued. "Even the fans making the noise seemed shocked by it, but then again everyone's a little surprised when someone breaks the silence at the Emirates."