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Quiz! Can you name the missing sponsors from these 15 Premier League shirts?

Ruud Gullit Chelsea

There’s just something about ‘90s Premier League sponsors that makes them completely acceptable to love in 21st century life.

AST? Elonex? Labatt’s? Absolutely. Nobody knows what they actually did, but absolutely – give them all to us in our veins immediately. Perhaps it’s the innocence we cherish, in this modern era of Chinese betting companies and payday loan companies splashing their names willy-nilly across the world’s biggest league. Give us back our innocence, dammit.

We watch the Premier League’s 20 clubs on loop every week, making sponsor-based knowledge almost subliminal. But how much have you really taken in over the 26 seasons that the league has been a ‘thing’?

For today’s quiz, we’re testing you on your recollection skills of this subject. Below are 15 shirts from Premier League teams since 1992/93, with their sponsor from that season missing.

Can you get them all? Either way, we’d like you to tell us how you got on @FourFourTwo, and we’ll add you to our daily Twitter leaderboard if your score is good enough. After you’re done, see if your friends know their Dimplex to Dreamcast…

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