26 October 2018
Get ready for the weekend with some prime cuts of Premier League trivia, powered by Opta data.
Premier League biggest club
25 October 2018
It’s time to finally sort the big kahunas from the small fries, as we apply science to separate the current Premier League sides by size
Maurizio Sarri
25 October 2018
Every top-flight boss has reached this point of the season unscathed, but that’s rather unusual – as many of the men here will attest...
Mbappe Amiens
22 October 2018
We’re looking for the top goal-getters on the continent so far in 2018/19... 
20 October 2018
Defeat to Brighton and Hove Albion left Newcastle United bottom of the table, but Rafael Benitez is still optimistic about beating the drop.
20 October 2018
Newcastle United's fifth defeat at home in the Premier League in a row, this time against Brighton and Hove Albion, leaves them bottom.
Rui Patricio Wolves
18 October 2018
These are the top-flight newbs who have come straight into their new sides to do battle – but can you name them?
Daniel Sturridge
17 October 2018
Pre-season expectations for this lot have already been shoved back down our throats, writes Barnaby Lane


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