1 February 2007
"At school a leg of a high stool got caught in my trousers, so when I walked I went flying."
1 March 2006
"England were better than the Dutch in Euro 96, and I can live with that – but they were too cocky"
1 February 2006
"My heroes were Batman and Superman!"
1 October 2005
The Liverpool legend selects his dream line-up for FourFourTwo in October 2005. Sorry Thierry, it's the bench for you... 
1 June 2005
"I sold a photo to a lady who thought I was a chef"
"I went to the toilet and found myself next to a guy with a swastika tattooed on his forehead"
22 November 2003
"When it comes to using a meat knife, I can do everything. My players have to watch out or I will come into the dressing room and kill them"
1 August 2003
"If Glenn Hoddle had been French, Spanish or Italian he would have been held in higher regard"
1 May 2003
"In a perfect world, Arsenal might buy me back and I'll be wearing that famous shirt again"
1 August 2002
"I'm a garage MC. I've even got a little name: Juvenile"


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