AC Milan and The Two Ronnies

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AC Milan have done the right thing and refused to offer Ronaldo a new contract.

Although the Brazilian has claimed he will be running again in a few weeks, recent photos suggest he would find it hard trotting up the stairs.

It’s nothing really to do with whether he was ever going to get fit again - a battle he has been waging for the last two years – but all about big Ronnie’s extracurricular activities back in Brazil and then apparently again in Paris.

Ronaldo: Primed and ready for 'action'

As one club insider put it, there is no problem with the guys enjoying themselves but unfortunately Ronnie being caught with the transvestites was an embarrassment.

It’s hard to tell if it was the being caught or the company he was keeping that caused the most discomfort.

Whatever the reason, the former World Player of the Year was set adrift and since then calls from the club have dried up.

In fact, it has only been fellow Brazilian and good friend Leonardo who has been on the phone to see how things are while there have been some words of comfort from kind-hearted Ricky Kaka.

Ronaldo can talk himself up all he wants but he’s yesterday’s man in Italy and if you excuse the pun he hasn’t a leg to stand on. 

Like a Brazilian bathing suit, Ronaldo’s appearances for Milan were brief and not very decent.

14 games and seven goals in his first season gave some hope but an ongoing knee problem, caused by kicking a ball into the crowd during an open day at the San Siro, meant just six outings and two goals before snapping his knee ligaments in February.

Lethal partnership 

Where does he go from here? Well, he has a warehouse of unsold watches after his Emporio Ronaldo business went bust and a deal with luxury Swiss watchmaker Montega Geneve fell through, so maybe down the market?

All in all, time is ticking away for the one-time phenomenon.

However, for another slightly portly Brazilian a door could well be opened for him to squeeze through.

Milan have not given up hope on landing Ronaldinho who like Ronaldo seems to have a pennant for the good life.

From the Gordo (the fat one) to Gordinho (slightly less fat one) and the Rossoneri’s most-fabled MilanLab will have their hands full to get Dinho’s shirt size down from a XL.

"Argentineans. Hmm... delicious" 

Head man at the Lab, Daniele Tognaccini, is certainly confident that if Ronaldinho has overcome his injury ailments then they have the perfect programme waiting for him at Milanello.

“Let’s not forget that his extra kilos are also down to his period of inactivity,” he said. “He hasn’t played since March so if he arrives we’ll be working on building up those idle muscles through aerobic exercises and then get him leaned down.”

We await developments with baited breath.