Fantasy Premier League: Everything you need to know about FPL this season

Fantasy Premier League: Everything you need to know about FPL this season
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Fantasy Premier League season is upon us. It's time to download the FPL app, get transferring players and come up with a league.

You know how it works by now. Real-world Premier League stars score points in the game for the things they do during games. You just have to pick them in your team - but like real clubs, you've got a budget to stick to, too.

This is all your mates at work will be on about in the office for the next nine months of your life. But don't worry - we've got you covered. Anything and everything you need to know about Fantasy Premier League is covered in this handy guide. 

Getting started

The basics of FPL

So you've agreed to join with a Fantasy Premier League team this season. What is it and what do you need to know?

Fear not - we've got you covered. Here's the ultimate beginners' guide to FPL, teaching you exactly what it is and how to get started with your team. We'll teach you how points work, how to buy and sell players and how to use the app.

You're going to need a team name, too. "Mike's team" or "Gary FC" will work just fine - if you're called Mike or Gary, of course - but it's an unwritten FPL tradition that team names make a pun on a player, manager or football club. Thinking "Gangster's Allardyce" or "Willian Dollar Baby".

Need help with a team name? We've got your back there too, with hundreds of the best, worst and even rude team names you could possibly want. 

Where do I sign up to FPL?

The Fantasy Premier League game can be played online, at - it's an official part of the Premier League brand. 

You can also download the official Premier League app to play FPL. That's available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

We've also done a round-up of the other versions of Fantasy Football that can be played online. 

How do I score points in FPL?

Point-scoring is very simple. Good actions within games give you points, bad actions take them away. Here's the full guide of how to score points in FPL - and here's the explainer on how bonus points work, too. 

Points can fluctuate within gameweeks but will be finalised by the time every match from that specific gameweek is complete. Basically, you might have to wait until the end of the Monday night game to see how your team have really done. 


How do I build an FPL team?

Structuring your Fantasy Premier League team relies on where you think the points are going to come from. Different positions get different points for different actions. 

Once again, we can refer you to our guide on how to score points in FPL, if you're interested in getting to grasps with the nuts and bolts of that.

We also have a guide on how you might want to structure your team. Attack-heavy? Defence-heavy? Big stars or reliable names? We explain it all.

Which players do I need to sign in FPL?

Well, if we knew that, we'd win the prizes all for ourselves...

We've collated a list of the most popular 40 players in the game this season, however - that's 10 in every position - so you can consider exactly what your rivals are doing right now. 

If you're looking to learn from last time around, here are the 30 best-scoring players in FPL for the 2020/21 season.

There are six players who have changed positions from last season too. Don't worry - we've listed them all in this guide, with advice on whether they're worth signing or not.

What's an FPL wildcard?

A Wildcard in Fantasy Premier League allows you to make unlimited transfers for your team. You can activate it twice a season: think of it as an extra transfer window to sort out injuries or poor form in your squad.

We have a complete guide to Wildcards, including when to use them and what they're best employed for. 

What's an FPL Free Hit?

A Free Hit is similar to a Wildcard. It's a bonus chip that allows you to make unlimited changes to your 15-man squad - but with a twist: the changes are only there for one gameweek, before your squad reverts back to how it was before. This is used for short-term gains.

We have a complete guide to the Free Hit chip, including when to use them and what they're best employed for. 

Picking a team

What are bonus chips in FPL?

There are four bonus chips that you can use in Fantasy Premier League. This is the Wildcard, Free Hit - both used in the transfer section - Bench Boost and Triple Captain (both used in the team-picking section). 

Each of these bonus chips allows you to maximise your points once or twice a season, offering different bonuses to you and rewarding risks that you take with your strategy.

We have a complete guide on the bonus chips, including how to use them and why they're useful.

Why do I have substitutes in FPL?

Just as in the real world, Fantasy Premier League substitutes fulfil a vital role, whether it's covering for injuries or providing the impact your first team didn't manage.

We've done a quick explainer on the uses of substitutes in FPL.

What's a Bench Boost?

A Bench Boost allows you to collect points not just for the first XI of your side but all four substitutes, too. This is one of your bonus chips and it can be activated once a season.

We have a complete guide on the Bench Boost, including why it's useful as a feature in FPL. 

FPL leagues

What are FPL leagues?

FPL leagues

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FPL leagues enable you to compete with other users.

As you can see from the image above, everyone is automatically added into leagues in Fantasy Premier League. There are prizes for each one, too. 

The first league you're automatically in, is the Overall league. This is the big one. We're all fighting for the crown of best FPL player, after all. After that, you're in a league for your country, where you compete against everyone else from the nation that you put down.  

The Gameweek league will tell you how well you did on a specific gameweek. Finally, you'll compete against other followers of the club that you support - so when you sign up and enter the club that you follow, you'll get added into their specific FPL league. 

How do I create an FPL league?

Creating an FPL league is easy - and you can now add a League Cup to your regular league too, this season.

We have a step-by-step guide of how to set up a league and generate the code

Which leagues should I join? 

You might have FPL leagues with friends, family or colleagues - or you might not want to be part of a smaller league at all. 

We've set up a FourFourTwo FPL league - it's completely free to join and the winner will receive a subscription to the magazine for a year. 

Tips and advice

It's not about the taking part, is it? We've got tips to help you rack up a few more points along the way. 



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FantasyYIRMA started in 2012 focused primarily on news and previews for the Fantasy Premier League. Following consecutive fantasy coverage across eight years and more than 300 gameweeks, we are confident in saying we’ve wasted a large portion of our adult life on Fantasy Football.

Check out our podcast Bang Average on your listening platform of choice where RyanJohn and MikeP chat all things Fantasy Football related each week.

FantasyYIRMA, who have years of experience and even league-winning seasons in Fantasy Premier League, have written a couple of great guides for FFT on how to get ahead of your mates. There are simple tricks to follow, believe it or not... 

FantasyYIRMA's guide of 27 essential tips to master Fantasy Premier League is a must-read for you - whatever your experience or skill level. There, you'll find curated ideas from former winners along with all the best answers for the questions you have ahead of another brand-new FPL season.

Looking for that fast start to get a quick stride over your rivals? Then you'll need FantasyYIRMA's guide of how to get FPL points early in the season, which debunks a few myths and confirms a few biases. 

It needn't be as hard as it seems some weeks... 


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