Fantasy Premier League: How do the FPL bonus chips work?

Fantasy Premier League: How do the FPL bonus chips work?
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Fantasy Premier League is a marathon, not a sprint. FPL is a game that you have to keep on top of every week – so when you can get a boost here and there, it's worth doing so to keep on top of the competition.

That's exactly what bonus chips are. These four little "cheats" – the Bench Boost, Triple Captain, Wildcard and Free Hit – allow you to slap an ace card onto the table to maximise your points.

And the best thing about these bonus chips is that they reward your risk. It's immensely satisfying when you play one and it comes up trumps. So let's run through what they all do…

Fantasy Premier League: How do the FPL bonus chips work


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A Bench Boost, simply, will allow you to make points from all of the substitutes in your squad. Rather than having to leave a goalkeeper and three outfield players out of your first XI, you'll get points for all 15 players in your squad by activating this boost. 

This is perfect for when you have a full squad of healthy talent and everyone's in form and firing. Use it wisely, though: it can only be activated once a season.

2. Wildcard

Playing a wildcard lets you to make unlimited free transfers throughout a gameweek - and if you've already made transfers and been deducted points, you'll get those points reimbursed. 

This bonus chip is best used when you're looking to make wholesale changes to your side, either through lack of form or fitness. And you can use two wildcards - one in the first half of the season (before the World Cup) and one in the second half. 

3. Triple captain


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Your captain is the designated player in the side who scores double the points of everyone else: using your Triple Captain on a player will - you guessed it - multiply that point tally by three, rather than two.

As with the Bench Boost, this can only be used once a season, so make sure you activate your Triple Captain chip for when your star attacker is facing out-of-form opposition.

If your Triple Captain is absent, the triple points bonus will be passed to your vice-captain. If your vice-captain doesn't play either then the bonus is lost, the chip isn't returned.

4. Free hit

The Free Hit chip can be used once a season, too, allowing you to switch up your entire team - but only for a week. 

This is best used for things like one-match suspensions to key players or just to give you a flavour for what your team might look like with completely different players. You get unlimited transfers within the budget before your team is restored to its previous state before the next gameweek.

All price changes are reflected in your team's restoration.

You can play Fantasy Premier League online on the Premier League website (opens in new tab), or on the Premier League app, which is available on iOS (opens in new tab) and Android (opens in new tab). Still missing something? Here's everything you need to know about FPL, including FourFourTwo's guides on the game. Enjoy!

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