Fantasy Premier League: How to create a private FPL league

Fantasy Premier League: How to create a private FPL league: Ollie Watkins of Aston Villa during the Premier League Summer Series match between Aston Villa and Fulham FC at Exploria Stadium on July 26, 2023 in Orlando, Florida.
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Part of the fun of Fantasy Premier League is getting to compete against your friends - and with FPL leagues, there's a simple way to measure how you're doing in comparison to them.

FPL leagues can be created by anyone. You can join other users' leagues via a code that you've been shared or create your own. 

This is the only way that you'll truly find out if your team is better than your mates'...

How to create a private FPL league in Fantasy Premier League: 1. Create a new league


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If you're using the app (available on iOS and Android), go to Configure leagues via FPL. If you're using the website, go to the Leagues & Cups section. Either way, this will lead you to the same place. 

You're going to want to click on Create and join new leagues and cups. From there, click on Create a league and cup.

2. Choose your scoring


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You have two options for scoring. 

Classic scoring is, as the name suggests, the primary option for most leagues. This is where the points that you score are added up each gameweek, pitting you against everyone else in the league for the season as a whole.

Head to Head scoring puts you up against one other player in your league every gameweek, in a specific match - let's call them Player A and Player B, for this exercise. For that gameweek, whoever scores the most of Players A and B gets the points for a win, while the other gets nothing. 

Classic scoring leagues mean that players who score loads of points could run away with the title, while the Head to Head might be the better for friend groups with a few rivalries.

3. Create Invitational League and Cup


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Enter the name of your league. You have 30 characters to use - that's 10 more than you do for your team name. Leagues with names that are "deemed inappropriate or offensive" may be deleted, so think very carefully which friends you choose to insult with the league name. 

You can also choose which gameweek you'd like the scoring to begin. If you feel like everyone needs a few weeks just to get back into the swing of FPL, you can choose to start the league now but start scoring later. 

4. Create a League Cup?


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From this season, you can choose to start a League Cup. 

This will draw two random teams from the league against each other. Rather like a Head to Head league, whoever beats the other will take the points. The only difference is that whoever loses is out of the competition for good.

This might be a fun added extra for the players in your league. 

Hit create. From there, you can choose to share your link with your friends either by copying the code itself or by email - just click on the cog next to the league. 

If you want to change the name of the league or regenerate a new code, go to Administer.

You can play Fantasy Premier League online on the Premier League website, or on the Premier League app, which is available on iOS and Android. Still missing something? Here's everything you need to know about FPL, including FourFourTwo's guides on the game. Enjoy!

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