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FIFA 21 tips: How to do Creative Runs

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In FIFA 21, movement is arguably the most important thing when it comes to unlocking a defence. Players know how important it is to stay compact at the back - the only way you're going to unsettle them is with a run.

In previous FIFAs, triggering runs has been a simple case of hitting L1/LB and watching as a player darts into the empty space ahead of them. But players have only ever moved vertically on FIFA.

As a result, we've learned to adapt. Widemen in the game have become skilful and quick so that you can control your player and beat your man on the ball, rather than slip past him off the ball.

Not anymore. It's possible to make those cutting diagonal runs from the flanks that the wide forwards of the modern game use to score.

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When you're controlling a player in possession and you'd like another player to make a run, simply hit the L1/LB button and flick the right analog stick in the direction you'd like your teammate to run in.

As you can see the GIF below, it's pretty useful when playing with Arsenal's 3-4-3 at getting Bukayo Saka to make the inside runs that he does for real. It's also lethal when Mohamed Salah uses it on the opposing Liverpool side - but we won't show you the goal we conceded from Salah.

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It also works just after you've made a pass with a player too. 

Just flick that right analog stick again to move players to where you want them to be. You'll soon get in the habit of using it as and when it naturally feels right.

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This is particularly useful if you've just stepped out of defence with a centre-back and you'd like them to run back. Maybe you're looking for a player to run horizontally and distract an opposing defender with a decoy run.

At FourFourTwo, we're currently trying to instil a new brand of Total Football with the current Netherlands side. We'd say it's going pretty well, judging by the GIF below...

(Image credit: Future)

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