FIFA 22 new features: Everything you need to know about EA Sports' new game

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Details about the new FIFA 22 are beginning to emerge - with EA Sports adding brand new features to the game, set for release in the autumn.

This is the first version of the game to be released on next-gen consoles, meaning the gameplay has been updated and is more realistic than ever. EA have promised 'Hypermotion' technology, which will be implemented for all gen-five consoles. 

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As well as the much-anticipated gameplay, however, there is plenty of anticipation for the new features and additions for the next edition of the franchise.  

Goalkeeper rewrite

There's new intelligence for the goalkeepers in FIFA 22, with more reliable shot-stopping and more realistic decision-making.

Goalkeeper positioning personality is new to the game, meaning that different styles of goalkeeper are replicated. If you're controlling a sweeper keeper? Expect it to be reflected in the way that your custodian reacts and controls himself.

True ball physics

It's the big thing mentioned before every major tournament about the ball - does it fly through the air properly or does it swerve all over the place? 

Well FIFA 22 have fine-tuned the formula to create an even more velocity on the ball than ever before. 

"Tuned parameters including speed, swerve, air drag, air resistance, ground friction, and rolling friction mean every touch, trap, shot, volley, pass, and dribble will look, move, and fly like the real thing," EA promises. 

Explosive sprint

There are some players who are just more explosive than other. It's not a case of speed or acceleration but a combination of the two, coupled with close control.

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Explosive Sprint is set to reflect that. It gives you more control over acceleration and dribbling or defending. You'll be able to lure opponents in and choose how to unleash your full speed to fly away from a defender like a greyhound in a trap. We're already excited to play with Adama Traore. 

New attacking tactics

Tactical play is getting more and more advanced in FIFA as the franchise begins to become as much about the mind as it is what you control with your hands. 

You can choose to set up with different styles in each half of the pitch with FIFA 22, giving you more attacking tactics. Whether you like to sustain attacks in your opponents' halves, lump it route one or explode from your own box on the counter, the new game should reflect your managerial philosophy. 

You can preorder FIFA 22 from Amazon now


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