Floods, droughts and Palermo's day in the sun

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El Loco reaches record, San Lorenzo break goal drought, the rain, the rain...

Half of Buenos Aires currently lies under a metre of water, and I can barely hear myself type, let alone catch what's being said on the fine old BBC.

River vs San Martin de San Juan was suspended nine minutes from the end because the rain broke the referee's watch, or something. (San Martin may have come back from 3-2 down, but River, who have just discovered football again, are on top form).

Two hours away in La Plata, however, the sun is shining. Most of the rays are aimed at one lanky peroxide player called Martín Palermo who after weeks of speculation, wild betting and endless analysis has equalled Boca Juniors scoring record of 180 goals.

Palermo scored a penalty against Gimnasia de La Plata in the 41st minute of the first half as 10-man Boca hung on to win, but it will be Palermo on the front page of every paper tomorrow.

Have a look at some of Palermo's best goals including his incredible 94th-minute strike from the half way line against Independiente.

San Lorenzo break drought

San Lorenzo finally broke their 474-minute goal drought with a great 3-1 win over Estudiantes de La Plata.

Captain Adrián González scored two excellent goals, as did Carrasco, much to the relief of coach Ramón who has been resolutely booed at the last couple of dire games.

Here is San Lorenzo's barra brava, Los Cuervos de Beiro, finally with something to celebrate.

Independiente 2-0 Argentinos Juniors

Independiente overcame mediocrity with a fine Daniel Montenegro strike against a better Argentinos Juniors team. Somehow they managed another goal in a lacklustre game and have bought coach Troglio a few more games at the helm.

Argentinos fans, unhappy with the result, did what any self-respecting sports fanatic would do in that situation – they threw bottles at Independiente's goalie.

This is becomign a worryingly common trick in BA's small stadiums. Much more interesting was when Independiente beat Maradona's first team 8-1.

Gimnasia de Jujuy 0 – 0 Veléz

After a good start to the season, Veléz failed to score after their long trip to Argentina's north eastern city. It was such a dull game and so little football was played that to liven up the proceedings, the players decided to have a little on-pitch scrap a the end. Not that Argie Bargy approves of such affairs, but for the record, the Veléz fans looked harder. 

Olimpo 3 – 2 Lanus

Recently-promoted Bahia Blanca team Olimpo, who most Argentines hadn't heard of, are starting well this season, evidenced by this good win over last season's winners Lanus.

Colón 1 – 2 Tigre

Colón's worries of relegation continue after Tigre's comfortable win against the team from Santa Fe.

You might think it's a bit early in the season to start worrying about relegation, but the AFA's unfathomable point average system means they are at more risk every time they lose. I think. I promise to have a clear understanding before the end of the season.

Newell's Old Boys 1 – 0 Racing

Racing's nightmare continues with a loss against an excellent Newell's team. After a week in which fans rioted outside the AFA's headquarters demanding that the club's owners should hold elections and move out now, Racing's team just can't deliver on the pitch.

Not that it can be easy when your fans spend all game demanding the resignation of the board.