Football fan gift ideas: The 12 best books of Christmas

Give ‘em something quality they actually want this year with these perfect page-turners

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1. Bayern: Creating a Global Superclub (Uli Hesse)

Nobody writes German football quite like Hesse, who returns with this smashing account detailing the rise of his country’s biggest (yet most hated) club. Just how on earth did FC Hollywood become so?

£14.99 paperback, £9.99 Kindle

2. Cruyff: My Turn (w/Jaap de Groot)

He may have been the greatest European to kick a ball – but more than that, Cruyff was a unique character who not only helped revolutionise football but popular culture too. He passed away before this book was published, but his dear friend De Groot’s diligent hours of work in its creation mean there’s nothing lost in the personal reflections of a genius.   

£6 hardback, £5.70 Kindle

3. Pep Guardiola: The Evolution (Marti Perarnau)

Pep trusts few and allows even fewer into his inner circle for a closer look – not least those of a journalistic persuasion – but fellow Catalan Perarnau was allowed unprecedented access to his methods for three seasons at Bayern Munich. The results (updated for 2016) were fascinating; a genuinely insightful snapshot into the mind of an especially enigmatic individual.   

£10.49 paperback, £8.03 Kindle

4. The Illustrated History of Football (David Squires)

The Guardian’s chuckles-in-chief cartoonist arrives with his first book, reflecting on the growth of our beloved game with his witty hand. Laughs guaranteed.

£9.09 hardback, £9.49 Kindle

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