Football League Top 50: the countdown begins

Four years ago, FourFourTwo did something rather strange. Risky even.

Certainly there were those in positions of power within our offices who were heard to mutter darkly about the sanity of an editor who would even contemplate the idea of putting Football League players on the cover of our magazine. LET ALONE GO AHEAD WITH THIS MADNESS!

Six weeks later, when the sales figures started to filter through, those same people professed themselves delighted: "We always knew it would work," they announced with just a hint of Stalinist revisionism.

Four years on from our first '50 Best Football League Players', the FourFourTwo team are excitedly awaiting the fourth annual Football League Awards.

On Sunday, London's Hilton Park Lane will be awash with dodgy bleached mullets, oversized tie-knots and an excess of testosterone as the great and the good (not to mention the out-on-the-lash) of the Football League gather to celebrate the brilliance of life outside the Premier League.

What began as a simple cover story has grown into a sellout event, a must-attend event for players, managers and officials up and down the country.

Needless to say, we'll be there in force, chatting to the winners and losers, finding out all the gossip and maybe – just maybe – sampling the scandalously free alcohol on offer.  

We're sorry we can't take you all with us, but check back here late on Sunday night and throughout Monday and Tuesday next week because we'll be bringing you the very best coverage of the Football League's big night.

Starting with the full rundown of the 50 Best Football League Players.