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FourFourTwo: Now on iPad

In the interests of keeping tech-savvy iPad-wafting FourFourTwo fans in the loop, itâÂÂs our great pleasure to bring to your attention the iPad edition of FourFourTwo magazine.

Completely re-designed for iPad, the mag focuses on the stories and dishes out little bits of interactivity when you need them. It includes everything from the monthly magazine to the bumper Season Preview, but adds interactivity too.

People have been pretty impressed so far, and Apple chose to run it as an EditorâÂÂs Choice not only on the front page of their Newsstand but also on the front page of the whole App Store. Woo-hoo!

Wing your way over to the App Store and have a gander at FourFourTwo's iPad edition. The future's here.

I want it! Gizzit me now!