Kaka covers his bases as Roman's roubles circle above

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Here’s a new take on an old spin.

“The only way I would leave Milan would be if Milan want to sell me.”

The words of one Ricardo Kaka just 72 hours ago over speculation that Chelsea will make an offer that neither he or Milan can refuse.

Rewind two years almost to the day and it’s more or less the very same line.

“The only way a player will leave Milan is if he wants to be sold.”

The words of Adriano Galliani over reports that a certain London club were ready to make Milan an offer for Andriy Shevchenko they couldn’t refuse.

Back then the Rossoneri chief was covering himself for the inevitable and thus transferring all the culpability to the Ukrainian striker who probably still rues the day his missus forced him to go and live in England so the kids could learn the language.

Sheva and Kaka: Friends soon-to-be reunited?

So now the boot is on the other foot and if Milan were to succumb to the advances of Roman Abramovich’s millions then Kaka is in the clear.

“Well, I said I didn’t want to leave but they have sold me,” could be his retort against accusations that he was jumping ship.

No doubt Kaka is happy at Milan and with Italian life but he is well aware that time stands still for no man and ‘Brand Kaka’ certainly doesn’t allow itself to fall behind the game.

After all, this is the player who once described himself as a company when at San Paolo, providing a service to the club.

“If San Paolo need to sell my services then they can do it,” was a familiar line delivered with all the coolness of a CEO not long before his move to Italy.

Business-like and possessing a Protestant work-ethic, no doubt Kaka has called a board meeting to weigh-up which direction the company will take next.

The evidence is compelling that a move is under consideration.

"Hey, don't blame me for leaving. Milan made me do it" 

Now 26 and coming off a year where he was named World and European Player as well as lifting the man-of-the-match award at the FIFA Club World Cup final, his personal stock is at an all-time high.

He will be well aware that the only way is down from here as witnessed by the fall from grace of former World Player of the Year Ronaldinho, and will want to buck that trend.

Can he remain in the limelight with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi grabbing all the headlines?

In reality, not really, considering that Milan are not in the Champions League and the club has yet to make any eye-catching moves in the transfer market.

Only on Thursday, Galliani was claiming that if they don’t sign Emmanuel Adebayor then Carlo Ancelotti will have to make do with what he has got in attack.

An ageing Filippo Inzaghi, a previously discarded Marco Borriello and an inexperienced Alexandre Pato doesn’t really inspire confidence in the Brazilian when he looks up and prepares that killer pass.

Picture instead that same pass being prepared, but this time it’s in a Champions League tie with the likes of Deco, Didier Drogba or Fernando Torres haring off towards the opposition penalty area while Ronaldinho drifts out wide.

As the religious-minded Kaka might say, God knows what the future holds but Milan better start praying.