One small step for mankind

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The moment I heard the bold plan to take a 39th step abroad... I was excited. 

Me of all people, with my ‘fans’ background. However, whilst I am used to putting on shows about British football mostly for the British people - I also have the foreign market in mind – I want  to show off what is peculiarly ours to those that would lap it up on first sight and those who are harder work, perhaps with their own agenda or League.

You know I would love to show it to the Spanish, and the Italians, right now. British football particularly has thrilled me over the years.

My perception of this deemed fan-hating Premier League plan is of a weekend perfectly placed in the symmetrical middle of the season which is unlike any other  and which is when the homegrown fans can have a day off, put their feet up, ask all their mates around and have a great time watching all 10 premiership pairings one after the other, with something at stake.

I don’t think their loyalty is at stake. I don’t think it’s the beginning of the end – indeed it’s the greatest opportunity to ask of the Premier League something special be returned to the fans to help reestablish football as part of a community fabric in the country that shall ever be the cradle of the game.