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Revealed: Do the big Premier League clubs gain more injury time?

Is it three? Is it four? What's the average amount of injury time and which club gets the most added-on time at the end of each game on average? Do those super-size crowds really gain Manchester United an extra minute to attack, or does Jose's constant campaigning against referees gain some extra time for the Bridge?

Thanks to research conducted from we charted every game last season and have collated them into this graphic below. The results...

Well, put simply, the big clubs score plenty of goals late on in games, whether due to superior fitness or whatever. But the most extra time came at Newcastle last season – with more than a minute on average per game compared to matches at Anfield or the Emirates.

It's probably not a coincidence but Newcastle suffered the most days lost through injury last season, which could well explain the extra injury time they received.

Manchester United, however, suffered the most individual injuries, according to injury specialists, yet only received the sixth-highest amount of injury time. 

So the final result? It's 1-0 to the referees. Big teams don't receive any extra leeway to nick a winning goal in the final minutes.