AS Roma or sex? You choose...

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The truism about Romans is that they are not shy at expressing an opinion and usually in the most colourful and passionate of ways.

Any topic will do but two subjects will get them more animated than usual: AS Roma and sex.

Over mid-morning espressos, it is in the bars of the capital that the high passion and crushing disappoints of the weekend are retold in the most intimate detail.

You can be left confused at times as to whether they are recounting their latest tryst or a trip to the Olympic stadium.

“I fell in love a million times in that moment. It was incredible, I’ve never felt like that before,” leaves one nodding in appreciation only to become aware that the purveyor of this loving verse is in fact talking about a quick passing move through the midfield which led to Roma taking the lead against Sampdoria.

But just like any alluring signorina, Luciano Spalletti’s team can be all love and lightness one moment then just as dark and moody the next.

That it seems is the price those who have the hots for the Giallorossi have to pay.

Sometimes, it will be the most unforgettable day of your life then, just as suddenly, you will be stood-up in the rain having missed the last bus home.

Like all incurable romantics, the Romanisti are blind to the failings of the object of their desire so they raise their shoulders in apology for the turn-off in Siena and swoon over the thought of the next date.

Francesco Totti may cheat on them by not turning up or, when he does, ignoring either pleas not to sit and pout alone in the corner but it’s not like they are ever going to say: “That’s it, there’s no future in this, I'm off.’

They know and he knows that by the following weekend, they will  be back knocking on the door, ever hopeful that it will be the moment where they fall in love a million times over again.