Turkish amateur club complete a January transfer using Bitcoin

Harunustapor play in Turkey's Sakarya First Division Group B and have signed the 22-year-old for the equivalent of £387, based on current conversion rates.

The amateur club's president, Haldun Sehit, is overjoyed to see the groundbreaking transaction go through.

Sehit told NTV Spor: "We did this to make a name for ourselves in the country and the world. This is a first for Turkey and the world in the transfer market.

"Our name is being mentioned on television as if we are a professional club. We are proud of this."

Kiroglu added: "This is a first for me and for the world. As my chairman said, we are doing something new. I am open to new things. I hope this deal works well for both sides."

Will professional clubs follow suit? Who knows, but Kiroglu has cemented himself as the trailblazer.

In Other News...

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