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Ángel Cappa

Rather than an interview with one of the big sports channels, Ángel Cappa did it his own intimate way.

Cappa announced he was leaving his post as Huracán coach on his modestly designed blogspot page, just gone midnight on Monday.

The Globo will have to make do without the tiki tiki.

So far the blog explaining his departure has 619 comments – from quemeros both thanking him for everything but asking him to stay, to Boca fans declaring him the best coach in Argentine football, to River Plate fans hoping to convince him to join their club, to Racing fans also hoping to convince him to go (back) to their club...

The most popular man in Argentina right now? Probably.

Matías de Federico

One of the main beneficiaries of Ángel Cappa’s brilliance at Huracán was De Federico, who on the back of his performances last season a) earned the predictable moniker ‘The Next Messi’ and b) earned a lucrative move to Brazil.

Globo fans weren’t happy, and claimed he was a mercenary. De Federico told Olé this week that it wasn’t strictly true.

"The club said I was earning 100,000 pesos [£16,000] last season. That’s not true. I was on 10,000 pesos [£1,600] a month.

"I asked for a raise to 25,000 [£4,000]. They said no, then gave some other youth-teamer 30,000!

"I told [Huracán president] Babington that he’s a hijo de puta. I said it to his face. That’s why I left. With Babington, Huracán will be relegated.”

No hard feelings then.

Daniel ‘Keko’ Villalba

From one player with a low centre of gravity to another.

Not quite reaching 5ft 2in, the River Plate striker Daniel ‘Keko’ Villalba still has some growing to do.

That said, he's either mature beyond his years, subjected to regular media traning from his agent, or just blissfully deluded.

Hence his declaration that "I want to stay at River and win a title."

In any normal country where relegation wasn’t decided on three-year averages, River would be in the second division this season, so perhaps Villalba will have to wait slightly longer than he anticipates.

Manchester United, Chelsea, Roma, Atlético Madrid and Panathinaikos, meanwhile, all think that it’s at their club that Villalba should grow a bit taller and develop into a world-beater.

Juan Román Riquelme

José Pekerman, Argentina's coach at Germany 2006, says "it hurts" not to see Riquelme playing for the national side.

Perhaps it doesn’t hurt as much as it hurt most Argentines seeing their team dominate Germany in the quarter-finals back in 2006, then seeing Riquelme being taken off by Pekerman, then seeing the Teutons pull the goal back, and then seeing their side lose in the penalty shootout.

Martín Palermo and 81 others

Cristián Álvarez, Arsenal’s full-back, is the 82nd player to get the call from Maradona.

Nobody quite knows why Argentina are playing Catalunya three days before Christmas, but they are.

So while the AFA write nice letters to European clubs to have players released, Álvarez will join Mario Bolatti, Diego Pozo, Nicolás Otamendi and Martín Palermo to cross the Atlantic and face Johan Cruyff’s side.

And yes, while Álvarez joins one squad and then is probably never heard of again, El Loco Palermo looks increasingly close to choosing a camera to take on safari with him.

Carlos Bilardo

"If Diego wants me to go to the World Cup draw then I’ll go."

As you all know, Maradona is banned from the World Cup draw, but Bilardo going could tread on some toes.

Will this soap opera never end?!

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