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Aberdeen’s Niall McGinn urges people to remain indoors amid coronavirus crisis

Aberdeen attacker Niall McGinn has urged people to get back indoors in a bid to slow down the effects of the coronavirus crisis.

The Northern Ireland international used his official Twitter account to plead for governmental and medical advice on curbing the pandemic to be followed.

McGinn posted a video just hours after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon insisted that, “beaches should not be busy, parks should not be full”,  as many in Scotland continue to ignore social distance guidelines.

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The 32-year-old former Derry City and Celtic player said: “We are at an absolutely crucial point in this crisis and some people still aren’t listening.

“We need to help out the NHS as much as we possibly can.

“Some young people are still heading out in groups, going to social gatherings, maybe out in the park playing with friends, as if it is the school holidays.

“I am just asking them to think twice, to think about their families and wider families as well.

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“By doing this it can help slow down the virus.

“We are living in a very difficult time right now but we all need to work together to combat it.

“We all need to act responsibly, both young and old.

“Please support the fightback against the Covid-19 disease by following these simple rules: stay at home, wash your hands regularly and finally keep your distance.

“Stay safe everyone.”