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Aguero switches to number 10

Manchester City star Sergio Aguero is set to take the number 10 shirt this season, but there is some good news for the club's fans.

The Premier League Golden Boot winner is moving away from the 16 shirt he has worn since joining the club in mid-2011.

But the fans who bought Aguero's 16 he was set to wear in 2015-16 get a chance to cash in, either by getting theirs signed or trading it in for his new number 10.

Aguero said: "The number 10 shirt means a lot to me.

"When I arrived at City, Edin [Dzeko] had it - he wore it very well, and of course, I respected it.

"That's why I picked the number 16. I must admit, I have warmed to it over the past few years and shared many special moments in it but the number 10 shirt is very special for me.

"I always felt a connection to it, and even more so now."