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Dozy reporter asks Bastian Schweinsteiger whether he can help Chicago Fire win World Cup

In Schweinsteiger's first MLS media event, the German World Cup winner was asked by a muddled reporter if he could repeat the same feat with Chicago Fire.

"I wonder, with your addition to this team, is it a fair expectation to see a clear pathway towards a World Cup competition to come out of Chicago?" he mused. 

Unsurprisingly, Schweinsteiger was confused, and consulted with new head coach Veljko Paunovic to check if something had been lost in translation.

The reporter, presuming Schweinsteiger simply didn't grasp his English, re-phrased his question – just not quite enough.

"Do you expect now that you’re here, Bastian, that a World Cup goal for Chicago Fire is a realistic expectation?"

To avoid further embarrassment, Chicago's general manager Nelson Rodriguez expertly tailored the question to: "Is MLS Cup a realistic expectation?"

The former Manchester United and Bayern Munich man then gave a serious answer to the more appropriate question (but that's the boring bit).

"I think in football everything is realistic and I always believe in the team which I play for that you can win the game.

"Even if it is against the best team in the world, you have a chance to win. I experienced it a lot in my career that everything is possible."

What this reporter learned, though, is that winning a World Cup with Chicago Fire is not.

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