Hooligans detained by Polish police

WARSAW - Poland's police detained 22 hooligans with the number likely to rise after authorities identified over 70 people involved in riots during last week's Polish Cup Final, a force spokesman said on Tuesday.

Police deployed water cannon against fans who invaded the pitch and damaged the stands after Legia Warsaw won the cup final 5-4 on penalties against Lech Poznan on May 3 in the northwestern Polish city of Bydgoszcz.

"At the moment we have detained 22 people," Mariusz Sokolowski said. "We have identified over 70 hooligans involved in last week's events and it is very likely more detainments will follow."

The riots, tarnishing the name of Euro 2012 co-host, led to a tougher crackdown on hooligans by the government and closed Legia Warsaw's and Lech Poznan's stadiums for at least one game.

Following the events, Prosecutor General Andrzej Seremet proposed to tighten regulations against hooliganism by banning fans from covering their faces or wearing hoods during sporting events.

Seremet also proposed more severe punishments for breaking the law at stadiums both for offenders and clubs.