Mourinho poised for half-time TV grillings

MILAN - Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho has long lamented the demands of Italian television but next year he will be grilled even more after the league announced plans on Friday to introduce half-time interviews.

His managerial secrets could also be revealed when television cameras are allowed into the dressing room before Serie A kick-offs for the first time.

The innovations are all part of the audiovisual rights packages for 2010/11 and 2011/12 which have been put out to tender by the Italian league and published on its website.

Mourinho, who won the title with Inter last season in his first term in charge, has become the victim of his own success.

His famous verbal outbursts and Portuguese accent have so entertained the Italians that they now want more, with his complaints about his already gruelling TV commitments cutting no ice.

"For one hour I have to speak with the press and I hate it, I really hate it," the former Chelsea manager said in December.

"I have to adapt due to the contractual situation, I will never enjoy it though. For me in the beginning it was a real moment of pressure, of disagreements. I was not happy to answer. I was tired but I have to do my job."

Other changes for the 2010/11 season to suit television include a match at Sunday lunchtime alongside the existing two Saturday games, the main Sunday afternoon programme and a late Sunday match.

Matches played in August and the last round of the season are now all due to kick off in the evenings rather than mostly in the afternoon, with the idea poised to be introduced from this season.

For the most comprehensive 2010/11 television package, now run by satellite broadcaster Sky, the league is asking for a minimum price of 570 million euros.

Despite Serie A being in the process of splitting from Serie B, channels will be given a discount on the prices if they agree to show games from the struggling second tier too.