Norwegian player shows awful sportsmanship to score injury-time winner

An incident of questionable morality overshadowed a Norwegian third division match at the weekend.

KFUM beat Brumunddal 2-1 in controversial circumstances at the KFUM Arena in Oslo.

With the score level at 1-1 heading into injury time, Christoffer Solbakken stayed down after a duel with KFUM's Robin Rasch. So, as you would expect, his team-mate Fredrik Haave Andersen kicked the ball out for a throw-in so Solbakken could receive treatment.

But with the player still sprawled out on the ground, referee Henrik Grenå Pettersen took a quick check on the injured player before allowing the game to restart.

That's when things got a bit strange.

KFUM took the throw-in, giving the ball back to Brumunddal goalkeeper Emil Holst. But KFUM's Emil Ekblom wasn't playing ball, and rushed forward to get a block in before tapping the ball into an empty net.

He wheeled off to celebrate, as Holst furiously chased after him.

"I've never experienced anything like that, and I never thought I should experience such a thing," Brumunddal coach Fred Leo Nysæter told Eurosport post-match.

"This is perhaps the biggest exploitation of the fair play rule. No matter if you play Premier League or division five, it creates big headlines."

Brumunddal have called for the game to be replayed. 

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