Video: Referee forgets the rules in Newcastle game after disallowing a penalty

Keith Stroud made a decision so baffling that Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) had to apologise on his behalf

In a high-stakes Championship match involving Rafael Benitez's side and Burton Albion, Newcastle were awarded a penalty which Matt Ritchie stepped up and scored.

However, referee Stroud decided to disallow the goal for encroachment after Dwight Gayle had wandered into the box – but this is where it all went wrong.

Stroud awarded Burton an indirect free-kick, which is only supposed to apply if the penalty is missed. If it's scored and there is encroachment, the penalty should be re-taken according to the Laws of the Game.

It wasn't until PGMOL released a statement post-match that people really understood what had really happened.

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It read: "In this evening's EFL Championship game between Newcastle United and Burton Albion, referee Keith Stroud awarded Newcastle a penalty in the 29th minute.

"As Matt Ritchie took the kick, Dwight Gayle encroached in the penalty area. An indirect free-kick was awarded to Burton, but the Laws of the Game state that that the penalty kick should have been retaken.

"Unfortunately the referee has misapplied the Law. Keith and his team are understandably upset at the lapse in concentration and apologise for the mistake."

Newcastle went on to win the match 1-0 to go back to the top of the league, with Ritchie striking once again in the second half.

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