Inside Sebastien Bassong's fridge

What do Premier League footballers keep in their fridge? Cristel champagne? Ferrero Rocher? Left over Nandos? FFT takes a look inside Sebastien Bassong's ice box to find out
Welcome, or should that be ‘bienvenue’, to La Maison de Bassong. This may look like an episode of MTV Cribs, but instead of rummaging around the chambre of the Norwich defender we’ll be checking out the goodies in his fridge.

And don’t expect to see too many bottles of Cristal racked up in the Cameroon international's ice box - it's all children's food and healthy provisions for the burly defender.

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“I’m someone who looks after my diet really well because I’m struggling with weight sometimes,” Bassong admitted to FFT.

“I don’t want to eat a lot as I want to feel light on the pitch.”

Check out this video and compare the contents of your fridge with Bassong's.

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