Peter Taylor: Get the best out of wingers

Reward your wingers with quality service and you will reap the rewards, says England under-20 head coach Peter Taylor

There's no use equipping your team with dangerous wingers if you don't know how to use them.

With the right tactics, a team can drag the opposition from left to right and feed their  touchline hugging playmakers.

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As a former winger himself, current Bahrain boss Peter Taylor knows what it takes to maximise a system designed to stretch the play.

"Whenever I’ve played with wingers I’ve really encouraged them to stay as wide as they possibly can," Taylor told FourFourtwo Performance.

"But to reward that patience for staying wide, your midfield players must look for them.

"The trouble is, if you do not look for the wingers, then there’s more chance that they are going to come inside and look for the ball, so you’ll have a lack of width. "

To avoid this eventuality, let Taylor break it down.

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