Aaron Ramsey: My pre-match playlist

The Arsenal and Wales midfielder shares his dressing room soundtrack

If listening to upbeat bangers isn’t part of your pre-match routine it should be. Music can increase bloodflow to the brain, push you to work harder and boosts levels of the feel-good hormone dopamine. Feel good, play good: Simple.


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Aaron Ramsey doesn’t profess to be a muso and he may not be up to speed with the ergogenic effects of music, but he inadvertently benefits from a bit of chest-thumping rock. “I like Arctic Monkeys and Coldplay.” Coldplay? Seriously Aaron? Well, it’s good enough for Pep Guardiola (a self-confessed super fan) it’s good enough for us. 


Which album has Aaron just added to his playlist? Hit play and find out (Don't worry, it's nothing to do with Coldplay). 

The new ‘Game On or Game Over’ film featuring Aaron Ramsey, Álvaro Negredo and Jesús Navas can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/l1dVqELNbE0


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