Micah Richards: My pre-match playlist

Inject a little Serbian music into your pre-match playlist and you'll be charged up for the big kick-off, says Villa's resident R&B fan

Before Micah Richards steps into the Premier League’s gladiatorial arena he likes to get his adrenaline pumping with some foot-stomping rap, but in a team gathered from the four corners of the earth, it doesn’t always work out that way.

“When you’re going into a massive game, if the music is high tempo it tends to get you going a little bit more,” the Manchester City full-back told FFT.

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“But we’ve got to mix it up because there’s a few cultures in our dressing room so the lads are always moaning that we’re only putting rap and R&B on.

“We had a bit of Adele, but Adele’s a bit slow. You want to get hypo before the game. We have some Serbian music for Kolarov – to be fair it’s not bad!”

Whether it’s Euro trash or urban beats, one man remains skeptical about the psychophysical and ergogenic effects of music – the gaffer, Roberto Mancini.

But, the Italian has warmed to the idea after seeing how his players responded to the chest-thumping tunes.

“When the manager came in he didn’t really like music in the dressing room, but I think we had it for the semi-final against Man U and we obviously won that game and from then on he’s allowed music,” revealed Richards.

“I think he can see that when there’s no music in the dressing room, players don’t seem as hyper and buzzing and up for the game. We’ve done well this season and the music’s really helped.”

To find out what choons get Richards psyched up for the big occasion, hit play and let the bulldozing full-back fill you in.

Micah Richards is an ambassador for If U Care Share, a charity that encourages young people to discuss any problems they have. For more information visit www.ifucareshare.co.uk

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