'Ronaldo averaged a game every 4.3 days'

How integral is GPS monitoring to your job?
It’s huge, there’s been exponential growth in GPS monitoring over the past 10 years. We monitor load, so how much workload the players do every day. We really want to peak and maximise their performance on game day, so that’s why we use it. Every professional club, even down to non-league teams, will wear some kind of wearable tech to act as a record of performance. Premier League teams have a minimum of one or two sports scientists, which enables them to work with players individually. 

How different is the challenge of managing load for Wales compared to Manchester United?
At a club you have a consistent number of players training in a consistently similar way. For an international team you’ve got a diverse blend of players coming from different clubs with different training philosophies and playing styles. Some of them are playing in different countries as well. That’s a challenge and why you have to monitor as much information coming into the camp. we need to establish what’s their typical workload in a week, the day before a game etc. We have to maximise everyone’s individual response. The head coach also wants to enforce his way of playing and that change of stimulus is something you have to be on top of.

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