Three calorie-burning HIIT Sessions

Former Swindon Town and Aberdeen defender, turned personal trainer, Jerel Ifil, gives you three HIIT sessions to get you match fit

Session one (Monday)

Bodyweight squats (right), pulse squats, squat jumps

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Reps 10 of each

Sets 5

Session two (Wednesday)

Mountain climbers, leg lunges (right)

Reps 30 mountain climbers, 20 leg lunges

Sets 5

Session three (Friday)

Press-ups, mountain climbers, sidesteps

Preparation Position four cones or shirts in a line, spaced a metre apart

Reps 5 press-ups, 10 mountain climbers, 10 sidesteps (to the last cone and back is one single repetition)

Sets 5

Expert tip: “To build fitness and burn calories, work at 100 per cent,” says Ifil. “Do as many sets as you can without resting, building up to five – or more – over time, to a maximum of 20 minutes.”

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