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10 Premier League statistics that can still be broken this season

Kane and Son
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The Premier League is 30 years old this year – and with that comes an awful lot of history. All-time greatest XIs are getting harder to pick, for a start.

Some Prem statistics have stood the test of time, however. Stats may have been made to be broken but no one is getting near Alan Shearer's total of 260 goals any time soon: Harry Kane is on 178. Kevin De Bruyne needs to literally double his assist tally to break Ryan Giggs' record, thanks to the Welsh wing wizard having played 20 seasons longer.

Still, there are some records that may yet be smashed before the season's out…

1. Most trophies accumulated in one season

Jurgen Klopp celebrates Liverpool's win at Newcastle on Saturday.

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The current record-holders: N/A

The obvious one. Liverpool have the League Cup in the bag, are looking forward to an FA Cup final and have a two-goal lead in the semi-finals of the Champions League. It's going to be a good season, regardless.

Strangely, the one competition that looks perhaps most difficult is the Premier League, where the Reds are playing catch-up to Manchester City. If the Citizens drop points, Liverpool will step in… but even City drawing feels unlikely right now.

2. Equal-most clean sheets in a season

Petr Cech

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The current record-holders: Petr Cech, 24

Alisson has been one of Liverpool's most consistent performers this season, cementing himself as the best goalkeeper in the world in many people's eyes. He's also the last keeper who can match a long-standing Prem record.

Back in 2004/05, Petr Cech conceded a frankly ridiculous 15 goals across 38 games. The Chelsea colossus managed 24 clean sheets, too: Alisson has 20 with four games remaining. It's a tough ask not to concede another goal all season – and really not the big one that the team are going for – but it's more than possible. 

3. Most free-kicks scored in Premier League history

David Beckham

(Image credit: PA)

The current record-holder: David Beckham, 18

Every time James Ward-Prowse puts the ball down outside the penalty area, he must think about Goldenballs' record. The Southampton skipper is now up to 14 direct free-kicks in Premier League history – only four behind the record-holder, David Beckham. 

It's possible that in the final three games of the season against Brentford, Liverpool and Leicester City, that JWP will go on a spree. It's more likely that we'll have to wait until next season, however. At 27 years old, this one feels more like a 'when' than an 'if'.

4. Smallest-ever title-winning margin 

Sergio Aguero Manchester City

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The current record: +8 goal difference, 2011/12

Sergio Aguero's last-gasp goal against QPR would have made no difference, had Manchester United simply scored more across the season. Goal difference that season meant that City were miles ahead of United if it came down to it – but it's still the slightest hairline the title's ever been awarded by.

Manchester City have a goal difference of +63 this season, Liverpool +64. The two sides are neck and neck goal-wise – though the point's difference between the two means that this scenario relies on City losing and Liverpool not taking advantage fully, dropping two points. Even one of those results feels unlikely. 

5. Biggest loss on a Premier League transfer ever

Paul Pogba has not had a successful spell at Old Trafford

(Image credit: PA)

The current record-holder: Fernando Torres, £38m

When AC Milan paid just £2 million for Fernando Torres in January 2015 to end his Stamford Bridge nightmare, Chelsea set a record for the biggest-ever transfer loss for a Premier League star. At least they recouped something, though. 

Manchester United are set to lose Paul Pogba on a free transfer any day between now and July 1, with the £89m midfielder running down his contract. Fellow World Cup winner Ousmane Dembele may well beat him for being a bigger loss if he walks away from Barcelona this summer – but it's still a record that's perhaps symptomatic of a few things wrong at Manchester United right now. 

6. Most red cards in a season

Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka

(Image credit: PA)

The current record-holders: Sunderland/QPR: 9

At times during Mikel Arteta's time in north London, Arsenal have struggled to keep 11 men on the pitch. Some may blame ill-discipline, others the referees themselves.

The Gunners have had five red cards in all competitions this season, which is impressive considering that they've not had Europe to contend with – though only three have come in the Premier League. Barring an absolute bloodbath in the upcoming North London Derby, it seems highly improbably that they'll break this record this season. 

7. Most goals/assists between two players in a season

Harry Kane, Tottenham vs Brighton live stream

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The current record-holders: Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, 14

Sutton and Shearer, Owen and Heskey, Rooney and Ronaldo… Son and Kane. They're already a legendary Premier League duo and have combined 40 times in the league for goals – more than anyone else.

Last season, the pair linked up 14 times to set a record for a single campaign. This  season, they have just four games remaining to beat that record. With eight goals between them this season, it might be a difficult task… but assuming that Spurs score six more, where are those going to come from? It'll be close, for sure.

8. Most assists in a season

Best playmakers

(Image credit: Getty)

The current record-holders: Kevin De Bruyne and Thierry Henry, 20

An award that's taken on much more prestige in recent years, selflessness now seems cool. With the assist race on every season, the magic 20 mark was equalled by Kevin De Bruyne in lockdown – but doesn't look like being touched again any time soon… unless Mo Salah and Trent Alexander-Arnold go on a madness. 

Salah's on 13, Trent on 12, with four games left. Stranger things have happened but it looks like this one's going back in the drawer for another campaign.

9. Most managerial changes in a season

Roy Hodgson

(Image credit: PA)

The current record: 20 (2017/18)

We've had a wild season of bosses coming and going – and that's just at Watford. 14 times this term, a gaffer has left the hot seat. Will the record of 20, set three years ago, be beaten?

We've most likely seen the end of the sack race now, though perhaps a few managers could step down before the new season officially begins. Roy Hodgson, Frank Lampard, Thomas Tuchel, Dean Smith, Brendan Rodgers and Antonio Conte would all have to walk, however, as the seven top-ranked favourites to, in order for the record to be beaten. Probably won't happen.

10. Most points accumulated for a relegated side

Richarlison picks up a flare after scoring the game's only goal

(Image credit: PA)

The current record-holders: West Ham United, 42

Everton are on 32 points with five games left, while Leeds and Burnley are both on 34 with four to go. One of them will go down and none are playing each other. 

The Toffees could manage another three wins and a draw from their remaining games and still go down, though both their relegation rivals would have to win three times each for West Ham's sorry stat of 2002/03 to be broken. Still, if no team wins again until the end of the season, Leeds and Burnley will stay up with the least points ever. It's a funny old league.

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