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The VAR Table: Where would your team be in the Premier League without video decisions?

Mike Dean
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Manchester United are the biggest beneficiaries of VAR in the Premier League - and would be four places lower in the table without it.

Video assistant referees have the power to veto on-field decisions - but if we reverse those decisions back to the original call, we can work out which goals would and wouldn't have stood without VAR. 

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Just to be clear though, for our table, we're not awarding penalties that VAR would have or taking red cards into account. We're purely awarding or disallowing goals.

What would the table look like without VAR?

The VAR Table
1. Chelsea87011721521⬅️
2. Manchester City85211731417⬆️ 1
3. Liverpool85122361716⬇️ 1
4. Brighton & Hove Albion843185315⬅️
5. West Ham United84221510514⬆️ 2
6. Brentford8422106414⬆️ 3
7. Everton8413129313⬆️ 1
8. Tottenham Hotspur8404911-212⬇️ 3
9. Wolverhampton Wanderers840488012⬆️ 1
10. Manchester United83231710711⬇️ 4
11. Arsenal8323712-511⬆️ 1
12. Leicester City83141314-110⬇️ 1
13. Aston Villa83141212010⬅️
14. Crystal Palace81521013-38⬅️
15. Leeds United8224715-88⬆️ 2
16. Newcastle United82241016-68⬆️ 3
17. Watford8215615-97⬇️ 1
18. Southampton8134511-66⬇️ 3
19. Burnley8125614-85⬇️ 1
20. Norwich City8026115-142⬅️

While the general goal here and there often has no bearing on a final result, sometimes VAR can turn a win into a draw and a draw into a win. 

Brentford, for example, were hindered by the video assistant referee awarding a goal for Liverpool in their 3-3 draw; Everton, meanwhile, had a Yerry Mina goal chalked off against Manchester United. Had it have stood, the score would have been 2-1 to Everton. 

From that, we can conclude were both of these decisions not interfered with by VAR, they would have helped to take Brentford above United in the table. Getting it now?

Of course, we're not suggesting for a minute that any of these decisions are wrong. Whether VAR was right to interrupt the on-field official and overturn a decision is not what we're trying to prove here - just how different the table could look, were we not to have video technology...

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