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Arsenal fans' 'Wenger out' protest plane scuppered by bad weather

A group of supporters were planning to fly an anti-Arsene Wenger banner over The Hawthorns during Arsenal’s game against West Brom on Saturday afternoon (original, we know).

A crowdfunding campaign was used to raise £2,500 for the aerial argument, which included the plane and accompanying “Wenger Out: No New Contract” banner.

However, the protest will now be put on hold due to bad weather.

According to the Evening Standard, high winds and the possibility of thunderstorms around Sandwell have delayed distruntled Gooners from having their say at 15,000 feet. 

The anti-Wenger division will reportedly get their plane for Arsenal’s match against Manchester City at the Emirates Stadium on April 2 instead.

Something to look forward to, then.

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