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Kane reveals Class of '92 inspiration

Tottenham striker Harry Kane has revealed Manchester United's famous 'Class of '92' is the inspiration behind his club's unlikely title challenge.

Kane and his team-mates will take on United's cross-town rivals Manchester City in a second versus fourth Premier League clash, which could see Tottenham move within two points of league leaders Leicester City, depending on their result at third-placed Arsenal.

Tottenham's young squad have not enjoyed the headlines Leicester have despite their impressive season, but Kane said his side was enthusiastic about their chances of pulling off a title win and said they hoped to emulate United's famous young side.

"[The Class of '92 showed] that it can be done. They had a great team and dominated for years," he told The Sun.

"With our squad, how young it is, and adding the new stadium in a few years, the future is bright.

"A lot of people are talking about fourth but we’re not just thinking about fourth place. We have to take each step as it comes and if we finish third, second, first, who knows?"

Kane praised Tottenham head coach Mauricio Pochettino's approach to training, saying that despite the Argentine's reputation for high-intensity training, recovery was being taken every bit as seriously.

"Recovery is important as well but when we train, we train at 110 per cent and don’t leave anything unturned," he added.

"That’s the way it is."