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Moyes plans to replicate Everton success at Sunderland

David Moyes is "very confident" of repeating his Everton success at Sunderland after succeeding new England manager Sam Allardyce at the club.

Moyes led Everton to a series of top-half finishes in the Premier League, although the Scot has since suffered sackings by Manchester United and Real Sociedad.

Speaking at his first Sunderland press conference on Monday, Moyes stated his desire to win is as strong as ever and said he is determined to protect his Premier League record.

"I'm very confident," Moyes told reporters. "I would say that at Everton we had the best transfer record of any club in the Premier League and I'll be hoping to replicate that in my time here at Sunderland. 

"I'll be different from Sam - no doubt. I think I've got the fourth-best winning record in the Premier League of all the managers, so I want to bring that record to Sunderland.

"But I need players and teams that give me that opportunity. I don't want to lose that record, I want to better it. We have to get players who can do that.

"The older you get the more experience you have but I hope I'm still as aggressive as I was in the early days at Everton and I hope I've still got that will and fight to finish in the top half of the league.

"We didn't have a lot of money to spend but we got a team good enough to win and I want to win. Winning for me is the biggest thing and I didn't do that enough at Manchester United, but the job is to win games and that's how you keep your job and move up the league."

Moyes conceded Sunderland may initially have to grind out "ugly" victories but insisted he wants to bring excitement to the club's supporters.

"This is a great club and a big job for me, a big challenge," Moyes said.

"But I'm more excited about this challenge because of the stadium and the facilities and because of the owner - I can see this giving me the chance to progress and make the team better.

"Hopefully we can do a bit of an Everton if we can. Our last seven or eight years at Everton we never finished outside of the top eight. We've got a great fanbase and we're going to need them.

"The job is to win the games and at the start it might be a bit ugly, but I hope we'll get much more exciting. I want the supporters to be excited by what they see but I can't guarantee that on day one.

"If I can do a similar job to Everton then it'll help Sunderland. It started in a very similar position and it was never built quickly, it was a little bit of progress year on year.

"I think Sunderland supporters want steady progress, unless you're going to be spending billions. We'll try and grow and we'll try and improve and we'll do a lot of work on the training ground and we'll try to recruit as well as we can."