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Muller: Anything can happen

Bayern Munich face a monumental task in their UEFA Champions League semi-final second leg with Barcelona, but Thomas Muller says his side have nothing to lose.

Last week at Camp Nou, Bayern matched their opponents for 75 minutes until a Lionel Messi-inspired Barca struck three times in the closing stages to earn a commanding 3-0 lead.

It seems an impossible task for Bayern to overturn such a deficit, but Muller has not given up hope of the club reaching a fourth final in six seasons.

"I am very emotional on the pitch but now my feelings are very much in check," he said. "I am not overexcited nor pessimistic, but we still have a chance.

"We are FC Bayern. It's like before the Porto game [when Bayern came back from losing the quarter-final first leg 3-1 to prevail 7-4 on aggregate].

"We will try our best, and in football anything can happen. Naturally, I believe in us.

"Since last Wednesday we have been saying we still have a chance, but we need to play even better. We did not play too badly last week. We still have hope.

"Will, passion, the fans' support - that is what we will need. I wouldn't say that we need a miracle. If we do get through, the press can write that it was a miracle, but that's not the way I would see it.

"We have nothing to lose. The players want it, the coach wants it - it is not over yet. Until the ref blows the final whistle, we have hope."