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Ronaldo: Mourinho good for Oscar and Willian

Unbeaten in 11 Premier League games, Chelsea – with four Brazilians in their squad – are four points clear at the top.

Asked about Oscar and Willian playing in the Premier League, Ronaldo said it was good for their development.

"I think it's definitely the right teams for them to be at because of the nature of the English football league, which has a lot of goals, a lot of attacking play," Ronaldo said.

"The players under Mourinho's coaching, they have a lot of potential because of the nature of him as a coach.

"So overall, it's definitely a good decision for these young talents to be in the Premier League."

Ronaldo, a two-time World Cup winner who scored 62 international goals, is still hurting from his nation's 7-1 semi-final loss to Germany at Brazil 2014.

But the 38-year-old said he was happy with how the tournament was organised.

"The semi-final was a weird match," Ronaldo said.

"It was painful, those five crazy minutes that broke the game and of course, it was quite sad.

"But overall, I'm happy with the World Cup went and very proud."