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Stretching: Dynamic quad

Preparing your quadriceps for 90 minutes of action is essential to avoiding injury and optimising performance.

“These are the muscles that power bursts of acceleration, explosive changes in direction and hand-stinging drives,” says Fulham’s head of fitness, Scott Miller.

If they’re strong and fully activated your strides will lengthen and generate greater force, meaning you’ll propel yourself with power and speed.

“For the dynamic quad stretch you need to start in a standing position. Take a small, controlled step forward. Kick one heel back into your hand and hold it in position.”

With stronger quads you’ll be able to hit the brakes more efficiently, improving your ability to side-step tackles.

“With one foot in the hold position, go up onto the toes of your standing leg. Lower and release and walk for a few steps and then alternate the leg,” explains Miller.

“Maintain a straight upper body, look forward and keep your torso in a neutral position.”

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