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Warm up essentials: Speed, agility, quickness

You've jogged, skipped and stretched, now it's time to give the body one final push before you take to the field for 90 minutes of blood and thunder.

Wolves' head of first team performance, Tony Daley, believes sharpening your footwork and reaction speed will give you the edge over your opponents.

“Ability is the most important thing, but it’s the team that prepares right that will have the greatest advantage," Daley told FFT.

“The trick is with these drills is to do them as fast as possible. These drills require coordination and will noticeably improve your foot placement.”

Complete the ultimate Premier League warm up with these speed, agility, quickness drills from Daley...

Wash & Go has teamed up with Tony Daley to produce fitness tips. For more information visit

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