Beckham: Zidane perfect for Madrid

Zinedine Zidane needs to be given space and time to provide Real Madrid the stability they need, according to David Beckham.

David Beckham has implored Real Madrid to back coach and his former team-mate Zinedine Zidane regardless of what happens in the upcoming Champions League final.

Zidane's following the sacking of Rafael Benitez was a turning point in Madrid's season as the Frenchman helped the team put together a credible La Liga challenge, losing out to Barcelona on the last day of the campaign, as well as guiding the Spaniards to the Champions League decider on May 28.

A loss for Madrid would mean a trophy-less season for the Spanish capital club – a crime usually punishable by sacking for a coach – but Beckham said he hopes reason prevails and the former France international is given the chance to build on an impressive start.

Beckham said he would not contemplate coaching himself, but said Madrid were lucky to have a man as passionate as Zidane.

"No, I was not born to coach. But 'Zizou' was," Beckham told XL Semanal.

"He, besides being a great friend, is the most passionate football and Real Madrid man I ever met and the best player I have ever played.

"It was natural that he had just coaching the team. His role, in any case, it is very difficult, because in the last five years Madrid has had to face the best club in history [Barcelona].

"When you compete against a team like that team, everything is complicated."

But in light of that challenge, Beckham said Madrid need stability and backed Zidane to provide it if given the chance.

"Madrid needs stability and continuity would be nice,” the former England international said.

"'Zizou' needs time and to retain players today and even if he does not win the Champions League, it would be good to give Zizou space and let him work... stability is the key."


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