The 17 WEIRDEST club badges in world football

Think Bournemouth's crest is a bit odd? You ain't seen nothing yet. Huw Davies has compiled a comprehensive rundown of Planet Football's most bizarre logos so you don't have to

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17. TOT SC (Thailand)

This Thai club’s crest is nothing if not professional. They’ve paid someone to make that. However, slick design can’t conceal the team’s struggles – TOT were relegated last season with less than half the points total of the side above them – nor the fact that it’s an honest-to-God telephone.

All right, so TOT originally stood for Telephone Organisation of Thailand and they’re based in the telecommunications district of Bangkok (apparently there is one). Still, adopting the motto ‘Hello’ is taking things too far.

16. Canon Yaounde (Cameroon)

You don’t win three African Champions League titles without some serious firepower, although this is surely cheating. The Cameroonian club have a cannon so powerful it can even fire footballs bigger than its muzzle. And if you don’t like the badge’s design, you can click on the settings tab on the left to change it.

15. Missile FC (Gabon)

“Hmm, that lot have a cannon. What’s bigger than a cannon…?”

14. Independiente Caravel (Aruba)

Continuing the theme of violence, we have Aruba’s finest, Independiente Caravel. It’s possible these pirates of the Caribbean had Johnny Depp in mind during the design process. The result is more Gilbert & Sullivan.

There appears to be a redesign in the offing, although we’re not convinced it’s any better.

13. Sheikh Russel (Bangladesh)

This lot have won the Bangladeshi Premier League before and are now in the AFC Cup, where they invite opponents’ mercy with a logo that presents a peaceful dove and a cherubic child. Wait, did we say ‘cherubic’? We meant ‘highly sinister’.

12. Santos (South Africa)

All right then, lads, what are we looking at here? A bleeding smiley face with too many eyes? A tribute to acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen? An acid trip gone horribly wrong? Please tell us what you had in mind.

And fear not, Pele fans: this isn’t O Rei’s mob. The Santos in question play in South Africa, and prior to this, their logo featured the not-very-South-African Statue of Liberty. So this is an improvement… we think.