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American college soccer has produced one of the greatest own goals you'll ever see

(Full disclosure: We're slightly late with this one, which happened on August 28. But it's so good you won't mind.)

Hofstra went down 2-0 at Maryland in the second game of their college season – and got off to a comically bad start. 

In just the fourth minute, defender Sean Nealis was so keen to hoof the ball away from danger that he ended up putting a dangerously Roberto Carlos-level of curl on his clearance.

Unfortunately for Nealis there was also some big air time and disastrous misdirection which led to the ball looping over goalkeeper Alex Ashton for a genius own goal.

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Hofstra reportedly average crowds of 425 at their matches, but 3,609 home supporters got to witness the hilarity at Ludwig Field. Perhaps the nerves got to poor Nealis.

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