Andorrans object to playing Wales in Euro 2016 qualifier

The Andorran FA has filed a complaint after being forced to play somewhere that doesn't even belong in the European Championship, writes John Foster...

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Andorra found themselves lining up against Wales in La Vella, in a match that Andorran Football Federation chairman Victor Santos described as an affront to the dignity of the competition.
"The European Championship should be for European countries," Santos said after the game. "I'm talking about proper footballing nations, like Germany, or Spain, or Andorra. By forcing us to play against teams like Wales, the integrity of the whole competition is diminished."
Andorra lost the game 2-1, but are believed to be considering an appeal based on the fact that Wales does not appear on Wikipedia's 'list of countries in Europe', and should therefore be expelled from Euro 2016.
"I'm sorry, but you can't tell me that players like Andy King and Chris Gunter belong in international football," Santos continued.
"Maybe all those make-believe nations, like Wales, and the Faroe Islands, and Sark, could get together and have their own competition. Maybe the winners could qualify for the proper European Championship. Having one of them there rubbing shoulders with us big boys wouldn't be so bad.
"But having all of them there is just ridiculous, and I happen to know that my colleagues in Liechtenstein and San Marino agree."
The Scottish FA has reportedly told the Welsh FA that if it wants to be able to look Andorra in the eye, it knows what it has to do.