Better late than never as Fitton finally finds his man

Town fan Nick Judd on the new County Ground guv'nor...

When Danny Wilson was appointed Swindon TownâÂÂs new manager on Boxing Day, you could hear the collective sigh of relief from Westbury to Wootton Bassett.

It might not have been the A-list manager some fans wanted â myself included, although in our defence we were told one candidate âÂÂwould knock our socks offâÂÂâ but given the position weâÂÂre in, 20th in League One, and the experience the former Hartlepool and Bristol City manager brings to the table, the more you appreciate what a good appointment, chairman, Andrew Fitton has made.

Wilson is a proven manager at this level and his appointment will have been more cost effective than poaching someone already employed. HeâÂÂs determined, he knows what he wants and how to get it.

Wilson: Swindon's man, hopefully with a plan

Before WilsonâÂÂs gift-wrapped arrival, Swindon were linked with so many names it read like the Yellow Pages.

Fitton himself would admit his procrastination as negotiations went into a fourth, fifth and sixth week didnâÂÂt help our on-field form, but had we not done so we would never have landed Wilson, who was surprisingly released by Hartlepool despite a four-game unbeaten run.

The harmony that greeted WilsonâÂÂs arrival highlights the respect Town fans have for him, but is surprising given how every other name involved seemingly polarised opinion.

Richard Money? Good record at Walsall said some, not exciting enough argued others. Colin Calderwood? Legend, but with a poor Championship record. Gary Speed? Follows a tradition of players turned managers at SN1, but no experience. I could go on; it seems thereâÂÂs no pleasing some people.

Or maybe not. WeâÂÂve all watched Wilson take 32 points at our expense in the last 20 games heâÂÂs overseen opposing sides against us. He also boasts the longest unbeaten runs at both Bristol City and Hartlepool. How weâÂÂd snap your hand off for an unbeaten run of any description right now.

New year, new hope

The size of the task facing Danny boy hit him like a smack in the chops in his first day in employment. We were abysmal against Brighton & Hove Albion and their win after a thoroughly forgettable 90 minutes saw them leapfrog us in the table. And boy were they bad!

And this after Town had managed an impressive win at Leyton Orient two days earlier. Wilson had only been here five minutes but already heâÂÂd seen us at our bemusing best.

He says seeing âÂÂthe best and worstâ of his new side was a good thing, that it showed him exactly what needs to be done. HeâÂÂs already identified the main problem, too âÂÂâÂÂItâÂÂs not rocket science, we concede too many goalsâ â and he assures us heâÂÂs been busy in an effort to bring more experience to the side.

LetâÂÂs hope he has more luck on the phone than the average punter on Deal or no Deal, 2009 needs to be infinitely better than 2008.

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