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Black Friday: 10 Puma T-shirts and shirts you need in your wardrobe this winter

(Image credit: Puma)

You don't need us to tell you who Puma is – they're simply one of the biggest brands in the world. And this Black Friday period – because it's more than just a day now – there are some great savings you can make.

The manufacturer have gradually become one of the big hitters in the last few years and with their new signing Neymar, they're now well and truly in the big league. But while you've seen their boots worn by the likes of Antoine Griezmann and their shirts worn by the likes of Newcastle United and Borussia Dortmund, some of what they've dropped in 2020 has flown well and truly under the radar. 

For years now, Puma have delivered stylish streetwear and this year's no different. We've some outlandish designs on Premier League shirts, anthem jackets and boots and the German company has been no different, creating some beautiful shirts perfect for wearing out and about just as soon as lockdown lifts.


(Image credit: Puma)

1. Puma Spain shirt

An arty take on the Spanish colours complete with orange badge

Colours: High Risk Red/Limoges | RRP: £45 | Deal price: £36

Subtle football pitch markings
Lovely paint splatters
Bright colours
Orange as a badge!

The Spanish are without a doubt the artiest European nation when it comes to the beautiful game. Guardiola and Xavi, it feels, are direct descendants of Picasso and Miro - it's a country that appreciates the finer things in life, from tapas to tiki-taka.

That sunny culture is brought to life in this splatter-finished shirt. Puma don't make the official Spain shirt but judging by this, they blooming well should do. 

Save £9 - Buy it here


(Image credit: Puma)

2. Puma Energy Triblend tee

Simple is best - this is Puma's take on the plan white tee

Colours: White/Black | RRP: £30 | Deal price: £18 - save £12

Stylish and modern
Breathable material
Superb fit
Great logo

Every wardrobe needs one of these. Especially if you've got some Puma trainers, while you're at it. 

There's something intoxicating about minimalism and Puma have mastered it with this gorgeous effort. The rotated logo is a nice touch - this will never go out of fashion.

Save £12 - Buy it here

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(Image credit: Puma)

3. Puma FTBL NXT shirt

A great shirt for working out, running or training in

Colours: Nrgy Peach/Fizzy yellow | RRP: £30 | Deal price: £18 - save £12

Lightweight material
Lush pattern
Too jazzy?

Prematch gear is getting more and more experimental in design. This particular shirt certainly feels like the kind of top you'd see Neymar and co warming up in.

The modern colours of this one certainly match the pattern. It feels great on too and it looks great. 

Save £12 - Buy it here


(Image credit: Puma)

4. Puma Neymar Logo 2.0 tee

The statement t-shirt of Puma's exciting new signing - featuring his bespoke logo

Colours: Black | RRP: £22 | Deal price: £18 - save £4

Fantastic logo
Simple and modern
Goes with anything
Great fit

David Beckham had his own logo. Cristiano Ronaldo's got his CR7 motif. You know you're a big deal when you have one, right?

Neymar's no different. We love the new logo Puma have designed for him, with the subtle J and R or "Junior" surrounding the "N". Just a great t-shirt all round and one that doesn't even feel football-specific. 

Save £4 - Buy it here

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(Image credit: Puma)

5. Puma New York shirt

Imagine if Puma gave their King range of shoes a football shirt design? Voila...

Colours: Tempest/Peacoat | RRP: £45 | Deal price: £30 - save £15

Stunning pattern
The King logo!
Big Apple United badge is a lovely touch

We love a concept shirt online. Even more so if it's made by a massive company for a fictional football club, inspired by one of their shoe brands.

Puma's New York shirt is everything you'd want your football club to wear on the pitch. Complete with a '7' in the back and the 'King' logo, it's just a thing of beauty. 

Save £15 - Buy it here


(Image credit: Puma)

6. Puma Marseille third shirt

The official alternate shirt from the Ligue 1 giants this season, as worn by Payet and co

Colours: Bleu Azure/Vallarta Blue | RRP: £100

Beautiful pattern
One of the nicest badges in European football
Stunning colour combination

Puma have completely knocked it out of the park this season when it comes to their club shirts. Marseille's away kit got all the attention for the skyline illustration... but just check out the third shirt.

This is quintessentially Marseille, right? The sky blue has a lovely radial brushstroke pattern all around and the touches of yellow are regal without feeling garish. Great job, lads.

Buy it here

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(Image credit: Puma)

7. Puma Ivory Coast 2020 away shirt

The official change strip for Les Elephants is one of the nicest in African football

Colours: Puma White/Flame Orange | RRP: £65

Feels simplistic and minimal, despite the pattern
Great orange touches
Novel and original

We all associate the Ivory Coast with orange and green. But their away shirt this year is a sleek white - and it really works.

The pattern is lovely. This has been worn in recent internationals by the likes of Nicolas Pepe and it's already got a great reception. 

Buy it here


(Image credit: Puma)

8. Puma Italy Shirt

Puma's take on a casual shirt - inspired by classic Italian renaissance graphics

Colours: Birch/Limogues | RRP: £45 | Deal price: £36 - save £9

Stunning pitch graphics
Subtle Birch colours
Nice round collar
Lovely gold flashes

Puma have been inspired by the Renaissance on Italy's official match-worn shirts in the past. But for this more casual top, they've incorporated embellishments inspired by Italian polymath Leonardo Da Vinci's drawing, 'Vitruvian Man' - you know, the one of the bloke in a circle and a square with his arms out.

The results are fantastic. From a country that have perhaps given us more to the game tactically than any other, this particular design resonates strongly with the country. 

Save £9 - Buy it here

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(Image credit: Puma)

9. Puma Ghana 2020 away shirt

The change option for Thomas Partey and friends - featuring black and yellow graphics

Colours: Puma Black/Dandelion | RRP: £65

Amazing design
Big black star in the middle
Lovely touches of green
Thick red collar

Ever since Nigeria's iconic shirt of 2018, countries have been daring to outdo each other with bold designs - see South Korea's tiger shirt and Japan's wave-like away top.

But not only does Ghana's away effort take the crown for the best international kit of this year, it feels effortless, too. This is a simple enough design in which everything just clicks together. We can't wait to see it on the pitch.

Buy it here


(Image credit: Puma)

10. Puma England shirt

Is this splatter-paint triumph the best England kit never worn by the Three Lions?

Colours: Limogues/High Risk Red | RRP: £45 | Deal price: £36 - save £9

What a design!
Feels quintessentially English
Cheeky three Puma logos on the badge

What's not to adore about Puma's Stone Roses-inspired England shirt? 

It marries a Jackson Pollock-style splatter technique, the red, white and blue that we associate with the Three Lions and it has a fabulous badge in which the lions are replaced by Puma logos. What's the nicest England shirt out right now? This is the one for us...

Save £9 - Buy it here


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