Football Manager 2017: Starting transfer and wage budgets in La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1

Football Manager 2017

We've told you all you need to know about the English clubs' coffers in the new game – now it's time for the big guns on the continent 

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If you can resist the urge not to whittle away hours – possibly even days – on Football Manager 2017, then you're stronger humans than us. 

Right about now you might be picking which team to choose first, but if you're wondering how much the suits are going to give you to wheel and deal, then don't worry: we've got your backs. We've brought you the transfer and wage budgets for every English league club here, and now it's time for Europe's four other big leagues. 

La Liga

Challenges ahoy with Osasuna and Sporting Gijon, with no money to spend on transfers and relatively pitiful wage budgets to boot. You can snore along to glory with Barcelona or Real Madrid if you wish, but where's the fun in that? We like the look of Celta Vigo post-Nolito, with room for new names on the wage bill, or Valencia (because we couldn't do worse than poor G-Nev, surely?).

Team Transfer budget Wage budget
Athletic Bilbao £8.6m £1m (£950k start)
Atletico Madrid £4.3m £2.2m (£2.1m start)
Barcelona £10.8m £4.8m (£4.7m start)
Celta Vigo £3.4m £712k (£675k start)
Deportivo Alaves £0 £309k (£275k start)
Deportivo La Coruna £0 £536k (£525k start)
Eibar £430k £397k (£375k start)
Espanyol £861k £660k (£600k start)
Granada £861k £455k (£425k start)
Las Palmas £430k £276k (£250k start)
Leganes £0 £203k (£190k start)
Malaga £861k £482k (£450k start)
Osasuna £0 £235k (£225k start)
Real Betis £2.5m £486k (£450k start)
Real Madrid £17.2m £4.4m (£4.2m start)
Real Sociedad £861k £631k (£675k start)
Sevilla £3.4m £1.4m (£1.2m start)
Sporting Gijon £0 £233k (£230k start)
Valencia £12.9m £1.34m (£1.3m start)
Villarreal £3m £966k (£925k start)


The home of exciting youth and bustling academies, you'll have fun bringing through the next generation. Hamburg are a sleeping giant, Darmstadt perhaps the biggest challenge having lost key players, while both RB Leipzig and Hoffenheim – incidentally two of Germany's most hated clubs – probably offer the best opportunity to spread your managerial wings. 

Team Transfer budget Wage budget
Augsburg £861k £431k (£400k start)
Bayer Leverkusen £3.4m £1.17m (£1m start)
Bayern Munich £34.4m £3.5m (£3.2m start)
Borussia Dortmund £16.3m £1.74m (£1.6m start)
Borussia M'Gladbach £10.3m £852k (£775k start)
Darmstadt £1.7m £283k (£250k start)
Eintracht Frankfurt £2.1m £480k (£450k start)
Freiburg £1m £331k (£300k start)
Hamburg £0 £732k (£700k start)
Hertha Berlin £2.1m £506k (£475k start)
Hoffenheim £4.3m £733k (£675 start)
Ingolstadt £2.1m £281k (£275k start)
Köln £4.3m £487k (£425k start)
Mainz £861k £437k (£400k start)
RP Leipzig £12.9m £549k (£475k start)
Schalke £8.6m £1.5m (£1.4m start)
Werder Bremen £2.5m £670k (£600k start)
Wolfsburg £25.8m £1.65m (£1.6m start)

Serie A

Either of the Milan clubs look good passion projects here, but you'll have to shift some overpaid prima donnas first if you want to bring in your own players (of course you do). Sassuolo offer something a bit different, with decent finances putting them in good stead to keep hold of Europa League football. 

Team Transfer budget Wage budget
Atalanta £3.4m £450k (£450k start)
Bologna £3.4m £580k (£575k start)
Cagliari £1.5m £362k (£350k start)
Chievo £2.5m £312k (£300k start)
Crotone £1.29m £225k (£225k start)
Empoli £1.7m £296k (£300k start)
Fiorentina £9.5m £780k (£750k start)
Genoa £3.8m £538k (£525k start)
Inter £17.2m £1.9m (£1.9m start)
Juventus £20.6m £2.7m (£2.6m start)
Lazio £6.4m £1m (£1m start)
Milan £5.1m £1.5m (£1.5m start)
Napoli £13.7m £1.5m (£1.5m start)
Palermo £2.4m £374k (£375k start)
Pescara £1.6m £356k (£350k start)
Roma £8.6m £1.8m (£1.8m start)
Sampdoria £4.3m £630k (£625k start)
Sassuolo £7.3m £511k (£500k start)
Torino £3.8m £571k (£500k start)
Udinese £3.4m £506k (£475k start)

Ligue 1

Ah France, the land of spending beyond means. Sixteen of Ligue 1's 20 teams will start your Football Manager save spending more than they budget for on wages (to varying degrees of disastrousness, of course), leaving you short from the start as you try to get your house in order. Can you revive a fallen Marseille? Tame Balo at Nice and take them to dizzy heights in Europe? 

Team Transfer budget Wage budget
Angers £861k  £165k (£170k start)
Bastia £0 £136k (£140k start)
Bordeaux £3m £433k (£425k start)
Caen £2.1m £265k (£275k start)
Dijon £861k £77k (£80k start)
Guingamp £1.29m £163k (£170k start)
Lille £4.3m £423k (£425k start)
Lorient £4.3m £205k (£210k start)
Lyon £3m £824k (£825k start)
Metz £207k £132k (£125k start)
Monaco £21.5m £812k (£800k start)
Montpellier £4.3m £219k (£225k start)
Nancy £1.29m £202k (£210k start)
Nantes £5.2m £140k (£145k start)
Nice £5.2m £326k (£325k start)
Marseille £30m £699k (£565k start)
PSG £51.6m £2.6m (£2.4m start)
Rennes £4.3m £313k (£325k start)
Saint-Etienne £861k £313k (£325k start)
Toulouse £1.36m £165k (£170k start)

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